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How to write effective “Software Requirements Specifications (SRS)”

The Professional software developers should go through a software requirements gathering process at the beginning of software development projects. Its foremost function is to record the client’s needs and requirements in written form and become the foundation for the rest of the software development process. Once these requirements are compiled, the document becomes the record of both the client’s and developer’s understanding of what the software should accomplish. Usually the client reviews and signs off on the SRS thus beginning the full software design and development phase. This post is presents the high level steps involved in creating this document.

You’ll Need for prepare docs:

  • Microsoft Word or openoffice writer or other Text Editors
  • Diagramming software like Microsoft Visio
  • collect the proper requirements from client side and development side

If  your organization do not have template for the SRS document, see the below instructions.

  1. First thing is collect proper requirements from client.
  2. write Scope & Objective of the application
  3. Business Requirements
  4. Functional Requirements – (All the functional module to be described in the project – nothing can be left out – For example – if we take a Employees module – Employee add/modify/edit – his family details – his work experience details – his previous employment details – his salary part – education part)
  5. Non Functional Requirements – This is related to Performance, Scalaibility, Security, Useability etc.
  6. Report specifications
  7. create use case diagram
  8. Define the UI (User Interface) and other software interface, hardware interface
  9. Then define the entire application process flow.
  10. Then determine any specific client business rules
  11. Create any diagram needed to depth process flow  and key requirements
  12. Then finally compile the document after review the document.

Now its ready SRS.