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QTP Advantages and Disadvatages

Will be getting the initial focus on development of all new features and supported technologies.

  • Ease of use.
  • Simple interface.
  • Good error handling mechanism
  • Presents the test case as a business workflow to the tester (simpler to understand).
  • Excellent DDT (Data Driven Testing features)
  • Uses a real programming language (Microsoft’s VBScript) with numerous resources available.
  • Quick Test Professional is significantly easier for a non-technical person to adapt to and create working test cases, compared to WinRunner.
  • Data table integration better and easier to use than WinRunner.
  • Test Run Iterations/Data driving a test is easier and better implement with QuickTest.
  • Parametrization easier than WinRunner.
  • Can enhance existing QuickTest VB scripts without the Application Under Test? being available; by using the ActiveScreen.
  • Can create and implement the Microsoft Object Model (Outlook objects, ADO objects, FileSystem objects, supports DOM, WSH, etc.).
  • Better object identification mechanism.
  • Numerous existing functions available for implementation both from within QuickTest Pro and VBScript.
  • QTP supports .NET development environment (currently WinRunner 7.5 does not).
  • XML support (currently WinRunner 7.5 does not).
  • The Test Report is more robust in QuickTest compared to WinRunner.
  • Integrates with TestDirector and WinRunner (can kick off WinRunner scripts from QuickTest).
  • Must know VBScript in order to program at all.
  • Must be able to program in VBScript in order to implement the real advance testing tasks and to handle very dynamic situations.
  • Need training to implement properly.
  • The Object Repository (OR) and testing environment? (paths, folders, function libraries, OR) can be difficult to understand and implement initially.
  • we can’t done merzeing easly, when compare to winrunner
  • we can’t able to check if the Window of Background colour is dynamically changes.