General for QA

1. What types of documents would you need for QA, QC, and Software Testing?
2. What did you include in a test plan?
3. Describe any bug you remember.
4. What is the purpose of the software testing?
5. What do you like (not like) in this job?
6. What is QA (quality assurance)?
7. What is the difference between QA and software testing?

8. How do you scope, organize, and execute a test project?
9. What is the role of QA in a development project?
10. What is the role of QA in a company that produces software?
11. Define quality for me as you understand it
12. Describe to me the difference between validation and verification.
13. Describe to me what you see as a process. Not a particular process, just the basics of having a process.
14. Describe to me when you would consider employing a failure mode and effect analysis.
15. Describe to me the Software Development Life Cycle as you would define it.
16. What are the properties of a good requirement?
17. How do you differentiate the roles of Quality Assurance Manager and Project Manager?
18. Tell me about any quality efforts you have overseen or implemented. Describe some of the challenges you faced and how you overcame them.
19. How do you deal with environments that are hostile to quality change efforts?
20. In general, how do you see automation fitting into the overall process of testing?
21. How do you promote the concept of phase containment and defect prevention?
22. If you come onboard, give me a general idea of what your first overall tasks will be as far as starting a quality effort.
23. What kinds of software testing have you done?
24. Have you ever created a test plan?
25. Have you ever written test cases or did you just execute those written by others?
26. What did your base your test cases?
27. How do you determine what to test?
28. How do you decide when you have ‘tested enough?’
29. How do you test if you have minimal or no documentation about the product?
30. Describe me to the basic elements you put in a defect report?
31. How do you perform regression testing of software?
32. At what stage of the life cycle does testing begin in your opinion?
33. How do you analyze your test results? What metrics do you try to provide?
34. Realising you won’t be able to test everything – how do you decide what to test first?
35. Where do you get your expected results?
36. If automating – what is your process for determining what to automate and in what order?
37. In the past, I have been asked to verbally start mapping out a test plan for a common situation, such as an ATM. The interviewer might say, “Just thinking out loud, if you were tasked to test an ATM, what items might you test plan include?” These type questions are not meant to be answered conclusively, but it is a good way for the interviewer to see how you approach the task.
38. If you’re given a program that will average student grades, what kinds of inputs would you use?
39. Tell me about the best bug you ever found.
40. What made you pick software testing over another career?
41. What is the exact difference between Integration & System testing, give me examples with your project.
42. How did you go about software testing a project?
43. When should software testing start in a project? Why?
44. How do you go about testing a web application?
45. Difference between Black & White box software testing
46. What is Configuration management? Tools used?
47. What do you plan to become after say 2-5yrs (Ex: QA Manager, Why?)
48. Would you like to work in a team or alone, why?
49. Give me 5 strong & weak points of yours
50. Why do you want to join our company?
51. When should software testing be stopped?
52. What sort of things would you put down in a bug report?
53. Who in the company is responsible for Quality?
54. Who defines quality?
55. What is an equivalence class?
56. Is a “A fast database retrieval rate” a testable requirement?
57. Should we test every possible combination/scenario for a program?
58. What criteria do you use when determining when to automate a test or leave it manual?
59. When do you start developing your automation tests?
60. Discuss what test metrics you feel are important to publish an organization?
61. In case anybody cares, here are the questions that I will be asking:
62. Describe the role that QA plays in the software lifecycle.
63. What should Development require of QA?
64. What should QA require of Development?
65. How would you define a “bug?”
66. Give me an example of the best and worst experiences you’ve had with QA.
67. How does unit testing play a role in the development / software lifecycle?
68. Explain some techniques for developing software components with respect to testability.
69. Describe a past experience with implementing a test harness in the development of software.
70. Have you ever worked with QA in developing test tools? Explain the participation Development should have with QA in leveraging such test tools for QA use.
71. Give me some examples of how you have participated in Integration Testing.
72. How would you describe the involvement you have had with the bug-fix cycle between Development and QA?
72. What is unit testing?
73. Describe your personal software development process.
74. How do you know when your code has met specifications?
75. How do you know your code has met specifications when there are no specifications?
76. Describe your experiences with code analyzers.
77. How do you feel about cyclomatic complexity?
78. Who should test your code?
79.How do you survive chaos?
80. What processes/methodologies are you familiar with?
81. What type of documents would you need for QA/QC/Software Testing?
82. How can you use technology to solve problem?
83. What type of metrics would you use?
84. How to find that tools work well with your existing system?
85. What automated tools are you familiar with?
86. How well you work with a team?
87. How would you ensure 100% coverage during software testing?
88. How would you build a test team?
89. What problem you have right now or in the past? How you solved it?
90. What you will do during the first day of job?
91. What would you like to do five years from now?
92. Tell me about the worst boss you’ve ever had.
93. What are your greatest weaknesses?
94. What are your strengths?
95. What is a successful product?
96. What do you like about Windows?
97. What is good code?
98. Who is Kent Beck, Dr Grace Hopper, Dennis Ritchie?
99. What are basic, core, practises for a QA specialist?
100. What do you like about QA?
101. What has not worked well in your previous QA experience and what would you change?
102. How you will begin to improve the QA process?
103. What is the difference between QA and QC?
104. What is UML and how to use it for software testing?
105. What is CMM and CMMI? What is the difference?
106. What do you like about computers?
107. Do you have a favourite QA book? More than one? Which ones? And why.
108. What is the responsibility of programmers vs QA?
109.What are the properties of a good requirement?
110.Ho to do test if we have minimal or no documentation about the product?
111.What are all the basic elements in a defect report?
112.Is an “A fast database retrieval rate” a testable requirement?
113.Why should you care about objects and object-oriented testing?
114. What does 100% statement coverage mean?
115. How do you perform configuration management with typical revision control systems?
116. What is code coverage?
117. What types of code coverage do you know?
118. What tools can be used for code coverage analysis?
119. Is any graph is used for code coverage analysis?
120. At what stage of the development cycle software errors are least costly to correct?
121. What can you tell about the project if during testing you found 80 bugs in it?
122. How to monitor test progress?
123. Describe a few reasons that a bug might not be fixed.
124. What are the possible states of software bug�s life cycle?
125. What books about QA (software testing) did you read?
126. What type of testing based specifically on a program code?
127. What type of testing based on any document that describes the “structure of the software”?
128. Please describe test design techniques like: state-transition diagrams, decision tables, activity diagrams.
129. Describe business process testing and what test design technique would you use for it?

1. What is software quality assurance?
2. What is the value of a testing group? How do you justify your work and budget?
3. What is the role of the test group vis-à­¶is documentation, tech support, and so forth?
4. How much interaction with users should testers have, and why?
5. How should you learn about problems discovered in the field, and what should you learn from those problems?
6. What are the roles of glass-box and black-box testing tools?
7. What issues come up in test automation, and how do you manage them?
8. What development model should programmers and the test group use?
9. How do you get programmers to build testability support into their code?
10. What is the role of a bug tracking system?
11. What are the key challenges of software testing?
12. Have you ever completely tested any part of a product? How?
13. Have you done exploratory or specification-driven testing?
14. Should every business test its software the same way?
15. Discuss the economics of automation and the role of metrics in testing.
16. Describe components of a typical test plan, such as tools for interactive products and for database products, as well as cause-and-effect graphs and data-flow diagrams.
17. When have you had to focus on data integrity?
18. What are some of the typical bugs you encountered in your last assignment?
19. How do you prioritize testing tasks within a project?
20. How do you develop a test plan and schedule? Describe bottom-up and top-down approaches.

  1. Why did you ever become involved in QA/software testing?
  2. What is the software testing lifecycle and explain each of its phases?
  3. What is the difference between testing and QA (Quality Assurance)?
  4. What is Negative testing?
  5. What was a problem you had in your previous assignment (testing if possible)? How did you resolve it?
  6. What are two of your strengths that you will bring to our QA/testing team?
  7. How would you define (QA) Quality Assurance?
  8. What do you like most about Quality Assurance/Software Testing?
  9. What do you like least about Quality Assurance/Testing?
  10. What is the Waterfall Development Method and do you agree with all the steps?
  11. What is the V-Model Development Method and do you agree with this model?
  12. What is the Capability Maturity Model (CMM)? At what CMM level were the last few companies you worked?
  13. What is a “Good Software Tester”?
  14. Could you tell me two things you did in your previous assignment (QA/Testing related hopefully) that you are proud of?
  15. List 5 words that best describe your strengths.
  16. What are two of your weaknesses?
  17. What methodologies have you used to develop test cases?
  18. In an application currently in production, one module of code is being modified. Is it necessary to re- test the whole application or is it enough to just test functionality associated with that module?
  19. Define each of the following and explain how each relates to the other: Unit, System, and Integration testing.
  20. Define Verification and Validation. Explain the differences between the two.
  21. Explain the differences between White-box, Gray-box, and Black-box testing.
  22. How do you go about going into a new organization? How do you assimilate?
  23. Define the following and explain their usefulness: Change Management, Configuration Management, Version Control, and Defect Tracking.
  24. What is ISO 9000? Have you ever been in an ISO shop?
  25. When are you done testing?
  26. What is the difference between a test strategy and a test plan?
  27. What is ISO 9003? Why is it important
  28. What are ISO standards? Why are they important?
  29. What is IEEE 829? (This standard is important for Software Test Documentation-Why?)
  30. What is IEEE? Why is it important?
  31. Do you support automated testing? Why?
  32. We have a testing assignment that is time-driven. Do you think automated tests are the best solution?
  33. What is your experience with change control? Our development team has only 10 members. Do you think managing change is such a big deal for us?
  34. Are reusable test cases a big plus of automated testing and explain why.
  35. Can you build a good audit trail using Compuware’s QA Center products. Explain why

Questions to ask during an interview

  1. What is the structure of the company?
  2. Who is going to do the interview-possible background information of interviewer?
  3. What is the employer’s environment (platforms, tools, etc.)?
  4. What are the employer’s methods and processes used in software arena?
  5. What is the employer’s philosophy?
  6. What is the project all about you are interviewing for-as much information as possible.
  7. Any terminologies that the company may use.
  8. What is the structure of the software testing team?
  9. What are the responsibilities of the software testing team members?
  10. How many computers are in the software testing lab?
  11. What kinds of software testing tools are installed in the software testing lab?
  12. What is the ratio between software developers and testers in the company?
  13. What development and QA methodologies is the company using?
    1. I-soft
    What should be done after writing test case??


    1. What is bidirectional traceability ??? and how it is implemented
    2. What is Automation Test frame work ?
    3. Define the components present in test strategy
    4. Define the components present in test plan
    5. Define database testing ?
    6. What is the difference between QA and QC ….
    7. What is the difference between V&V
    8. What are different types of test case that u have written in your project..
    9. Have u written Test plan ?….


    1. What is joins and define all the joins …
    2. What is Foreign key ?
    3. Write an SQL query if u want to select the data from one block which intern reflects in another block ?


    1. Which command is used to run an interface?
    2. How will you see the hidden file ?
    3. What is the command used to set the date and timings …
    4. Some basic commands like copy, move,delete ?
    5. Which command used to the go back to the home directory ….
    6. Which command used to view the the current directory

    3. Virtusa


    1. Tell me about Yourself?
    2. Testing process followed in your company …
    3. Testing Methodology
    4. Where u maintains the Repositories?
    5. What is CVS?
    6. Bug Tool used?
    7. How will you prepare traceability matrix if there is no Business Doc and Functional Doc?
    8. How will you validate the functionality of the Test cases, if there is no business requirement document or user requirement document as such…
    9. Testing process followed in your company?
    10. Tell me about CMM LEVEL -4 …what are steps that to be followed to achieve the CMM -IV standards?
    11. What is Back End testing?
    12. What is Unit Testing?
    13. How will u write test cases for an given scenario…i.e. main page, login screen, transaction, Report Verification?
    14. How will u write traceability matrix?
    15. What is CVS and why it is used?
    16. What will be specified in the Defect Report…?
    17. What is Test summary Report…?
    18. What is Test Closure report…?
    19. Explain Defect life cycle…
    20. What will be specified in the Test Case…
    21. What are the Testing methodologies that u have followed in your project ?
    22. What kind of testing that u have been involved in and explain about it….
    23. What is UAT Testing?
    24. What is joins and what are the different types of joins in SQL and explain the same?
    25. What is Foreign Key in SQL…?

    KLA Tencor

    1. Bug life cycle?
    2. Explain about the Project. …And draw the architecture of your project?
    3. What are the different types of severity?
    4. Defect tracking tools used?
    5. what are the responsibilities of an tester?
    6. Give some example how will you write the test cases if an scenario involves Login screen.


    1. What are the different types of testing followed …..
    2. What are the different levels of testing used during testing the application?
    4. What type of testing will be done in Installation testing or system testing?
    5. What is meant by CMMI …what are different types of CMM Level?
    6. Explain about the components involved in CMM-4 level
    7. Explain about Performance testing ?
    8. What is Traceability matrix and how it is done ?
    9. How can you differentiate Severity and Priority based on technical and business point of view.
    10. What is the difference between Test life cycle and defect life cycle ?
    11. How will u ensure that you have covered all the functionality while writing test cases if there is no functional spec and there is no KT about the application?

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  9. riya
    May 29, 2009 at 4:20 am

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    I’ll really appreciate for this effort in advance.


  10. Indumathi
    July 6, 2009 at 1:32 pm

    Hello Everyone,

    Riya asked the applications related to Java , C++. I gave some descriptions for some applications. Can any one please try it. please let me know the comments.

    Application Name : vTest 1.0
    vTest is an automated functional and regression testing tool for web applications. It incorporates record, verify, playback and reporting capabilities. All popular Internet technologies such as HTTP, HTTPS/SSL, JavaScript, DHTML, ActiveX, Java and Flash are supported. vTest also supports all major web application frameworks including ASP, ASP.NET, Java Servlets and JSP, PHP and Perl/CGI. vTest allows you to record and test your entire application in minutes by simply pointing and clicking on your Web application. Without any programming, all objects are automatically captured and recorded as a graphical script which shows the steps in your script in the form of an icon-based tree. For those users who wish to use scripting, vTest uses JavaScript as the scripting language and provides a comprehensive JavaScript API that you can use to create customized test scripts. vTest creates scripts that adapt very well when your application’s user interface changes. Most of the competition creates scripts that simply use the object name/ID to identify an object in your application. vTest uses a sophisticated object identification algorithm to identify objects in your application. This allows vTest scripts to adapt very well to changes in an application’s user interface.
    * Automate functional and regression testing tasks and thus reduce time-to-market
    * Enhance the efficiency of quality assurance engineers by allowing them to devote less time to manual testing and more time to test design
    * Maximize reliability and robustness by providing the capability to run tests on demand or according to a set schedule without the need for any user intervention
    * Does not require a programming background. For those users who wish to use their programming skills, vTest uses the industry standard JavaScript language
    * Manage product evolution effectively by generating easily modifiable tests

    Application Name : JarUnit
    An extension to the JUnit 3.2 testing package to create a dynamic test suite from the manifest of a jar file. This will prevent the manual maintenance of a test suite inside of the main() method of a class.

    Application Name : JarUnit
    An extension to the JUnit 3.2 testing package to create a dynamic test suite from the manifest of a jar file. This will prevent the manual maintenance of a test suite inside of the main() method of a class.

    Application Name : Agile track 1.2.1
    AgileTrack is an agile development planning and iteration tracking tool. It assists in the creation and life-cycle of iterations, projects, stories, tasks, and bugs. It is focused on simplicity and practicality. Its interface is designed to be useful specifically for software developers on small development teams with rapidly-changing priorities and requirements. Its primary interface for developers is geared toward availability, speed, and purpose. It is flexible and minimalistic with respect to the data that is required for records. It is designed to be compatible with agile development methodologies, particularly Extreme Programming. Features : This release fixes some minor problems due to an upgrade now requiring Java 1.6. The client application now enforces the version requirement. The Windows installer now longer… bundles a JRE, but triggers a Java installation if necessary. The Linux Java detection script was updated to find the correct version. A small character encoding issue that was affecting calendar views was also fixed.

    Application Name : Top Perl Studio 0.95
    Top Perl Studio is an Integrated Development Environment for Perl, providing comprehensive and easy-to-use solution for editing, testing and deploying CGI/Perl based web applications. Top Perl Studio offers built-in HTTP server, internal browser, powerful code editor, built-in FTP client, visual file comparison utility, configurable syntax highlighting, file and server explorer, code completion for built-in Perl functions and HTML tags and more..

    You can these tools from freely and easily.

    All the best….

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