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Web Testing Challenges

Web Testing Challanges

Understanding the Web test process is essential for deciding how to proceed with the selection of a Web test process, automated test tools, and methodologies.

Following are several challenges that need to be considered when deciding on the Web process that is most applicable for your business:

The Web is in a state of constant change. The developer and tester need to understand how changes will affect their development and the Web sitetest process. As technology changes, testers will need to understand how this will affect them and how they will handle their testing responsibilities

When setting up the test scenarios, the tester needs to understand how to implement different scenarios that will meet different types of business requirements. For example, is a tester testing a site with graphic user interface (GUI) buttons and text boxes or testing HyperText MarkupLanguage (HTML) code? Simulating response time by pressing buttons and inputting different values will verify if correct calculations are valid.

The test environment can be a difficult part of the setup for the tester.

You need to be aware of all of the different components that make up the environment; the networking piece can be especially difficult to simulate.

The following several considerations need to be addressed

Multiple server tiers



Database servers

In the test environment, it is important to know how the different components will interact with each other.

When setting up the Web testing environment, special consideration should be given to how credit card transactions are handled, carried out, and verified. Because testers are responsible for setting up the test scenarios, they will need to be able to simulate the quantity of transactions that are going to be processed on the Web site.

Security is a constant concern for business on the Internet as well as for developers and testers. There are hackers who enjoy breaking the secuiry on a Web site.

Web-based applications Present New Challanges ,Both For Developers and Testers .These challanges include .

  1. Short Release Cycle
  2. Constant Changing Technology
  3. Possible Huge Number Of Users during Initial Website Launch.
  4. Inability To control The Users Running Environment.
  5. Twenty Four -24 Hour avilability of web site.

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