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Testing Life Cycle – Roles and Responsibilities

Testing Life Cycle – Roles and Responsibilities

  • Clear communication protocol should be defined with in the testing team to ensure proper understanding of roles and responsibilities.
  • The roles chart should contain both on-site and off-shore team members.
Testing Life Cycle – Roles and Responsibilities

Test Manager

  • Single point contact between on site and offshore team
  • prepare the project plan.
  • Test management
  • Test planning
  • Interact with onsite lead, Client QA manager.
  • Team Management.
  • Work Allocation to the team.
  • Test coverage analysis.
  • Co-ordination with onsite for issue resolution.
  • Monitoring the deliverables.
  • Verify readiness of the product for release through release review.
  • Obtain customer acceptance on the deliverables
  • Performing risk analysis when required
  • Reviews and status reporting.
  • Authorize intermediate deliverables and patch release to customer.

Test Lead

  • Resolves technical issues for the product group
  • Provide direction to the team member.
  • Perform activities to the respective product group.
  • Review and approve of test plan.
  • Review test script/code.
  • Approve completion of the integration testing.
  • Conduct system/regression test.
  • Ensure tests are conducted as per plan.
  • Reports status to the offshore test manager.

Test Engineer

  • Development of the test cases and scripts
  • Test execution
  • Result capturing and analysis
  • Defects reporting and status reporting.