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Available Browsers for Linux, Windows, Mac for Testing

A Web browser is a software application, user to display and interact with text, images, music, videos, games & etc typically located on a Web page at a Web site on the World Wide Web or a local area network. A web browser is importing for web application testing … The great number of browsers in the internet,

Web browsers listing for Windows

Logo Browser Name & Developed by
Internet Explorer logo Internet Explorer
Microsoft Corporation
Download version 7 & 8
Firefox (also called Mozilla Firefox) logo Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Corporation
Download latest version
Chrome logo Chrome
Download Chrome
Safari logo Safari
Apple Inc.
Download version 4 Beta
Opera logo Opera
Opera Software ASA
Download version 9.64
Netscape Navigator logo Netscape Navigator
Download version 9
SeaMonkey logo SeaMonkey
Mozilla Foundation
Download version 1.1.15
K-Meleon logo K-Meleon
Download version 1.5.2
Amaya logo Amaya
Download version 11.1
Maxthon Browser logo Maxthon Browser
Download version 2.5.1
Flock (web browser) logo Flock
Flock, Inc.
Download version 2
Slim Browser logo Slim Browser
Download version 4.11
KidRocket logo KidRocket
Download version 1.5
PhaseOut web browser logo PhaseOut
Download latest version
Crazy Browser logo Crazy
Crazy Browser
Download version 3
Smart Bro logo Smart Bro
Mind Vision Software
Download latest version
ShenzBrowser logo ShenzBrowser
Shenz International
Download version 1.1
JonDoFox logo JonDoFox
Download version 2.1.3
Avant Browser logo Avant Browser
Avant Force
Download version 11.7
xB Browser logo xB Browser
Download version
Sleipnir  logo Sleipnir
Fenrir Inc.
Download version 2.8.3
space time logo space time
space time
Download version 1
Browse3D logo Browse3D
Browse3D Corporation
Download version 3.5
3B Room logo 3B Room
Download version 3.11
Bitty Browser logo Bitty Browser
Download version
Grail logo Grail
Download version 0.6
Lynx logo Lynx
Thomas Dickey
Download version 2.8.6
Happy Browser logo Happy Browser
Igoodsoft Software
Download version 1.03
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