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Test Case : Test case is a document that describes an input, action or event and an expected response to determine if a feature of an application is working correctly and meets the user requirements.A Good test case is the one that has high probability of finding as yet undiscovered error.

The Test case document contains the following fields:

  • Test case id : This is an id given to every test case and it should be unique.
  • Test case decription : This field contains the brief description of what we are going to test in that application.
  • Test input : This contains the input that we are going to give to test the application or system.
  • Test Action : This field explains the action to be performed to execute the test case.
  • Expected results : This fielsd contains the description of what tester should see after all test steps has been completed.
  • Actual results : This field contains a brief description of what the tester saw after the test steps has been completed.
  • Result:This is often replaced with either pass or fail. If both the expected result and actual result are same then the result is pass else the result is fail.
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