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Software testing interview guidelines

Software Testing interview Questions
Software testing job is a high-tech and hi-profile job. The testers are recruited in order to evaluate the quality of specific computer software. Typically, quality refers to many standards including accuracy, comprehensiveness, security, capability, trustworthiness, effectiveness, portability, maintainability, compatibility and usability. A software testing team may comprise of different professional like tester, developer, business analyst, customer, information service management, test manager, senior organization management, and quality team.

Questions on Test Automation

In this section, the interviewer may ask you questions regarding automation such as your familiarity with specific automation tools, your idea of implementation of automation tools in software testing job, problems encountered while using automation tools, whether test automation has the ability to improve test effectiveness, whether it has the ability to substitute manual testing, selection of tools during testing, evaluation of tools, etc.

Questions on Load Testing

This section primarily focuses on your in-depth knowledge concerning software testing job. The questions may include the knowledge regarding the criterion to be used for the selection of web transaction for load testing, purpose of creating virtual user, purpose of recommendation for adding verification checks in all scenarios, context of parameterize text verification check, and necessity of parameterize fields in virtual user script, etc.

General questions

This is indeed a vast area to be concerned. While assessing the ability of an applicant, the interviewer may inquire about his past experience, potential clients, projects encountered, major challenges, etc. The questions may shed light on various arena including STLC, Bug life cycle, requirement of documentations for testing, major defect in Bugzilla defect tracking tools, knowledge regarding artistic, clean, positive and negative testing, knowledge regarding standard keys, non standard keys and customized keys, requirement of synchronization in quick testing, explanation of step generator in QTP, the reason for using object spy in QTP, difference between test effort and test procedure, etc. The interviewer may also put some critical thinking questions in front of the candidate such as if a project is released without testing, the candidate needs to explain the possible situation, etc.

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