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Test Director Interview Questions

  1. How many types of tabs in Test Director?
    There are 4 tabs available in Test Director.
    1. Requirement
    2. Test plan
    3.Test lab.
     We can change the name of Tabs, as we like. Test Director enables us to rename the Tab. In TD there only 4 tabs are available.
  2. What is meant by test lab in test director?
    Test lab is a part of test director where we can execute our test on different cycles creating test tree for each one of them. We need to add test to these test trees from the tests, which are placed under test plan in the project.
  3. What is Test Director
    Its a Mercury interactive’s Test management tool. It includes all the features we need to organize and manage the testing process.
  4. What are all the main features of Test Director?
    It enables us to create a database of tests,execute tests, report and track defects detected in the software.
  5. How the assessment of the application will be taken place in Test Director?
    As we test, Test Director allows us to continuously assess the status of our application by generating sophisticated reports and graphs. By integrating all tasks involved in software testing Test Director helps us to ensure that our software is ready for deployment.
  6. What the planning tests will do in Test Director?
    It is used to develop a test plan and create tests. This includes defining goals and strategy,designing tests,automating tests where beneficial and analyzing the plan.
  7. What the running tests will do in Test Director?
    It execute the test created in the planning test phase, and analyze the test results.
  8. What the tracking defects will do in Test Director?
    It is used to monitor the software quality. It includes reporting defects,determining repair priorities,assigning tasks,and tracking repair progress.
  9. What are all the three main views available in What the running tests will do in Test Director?

    ? Plan tests

    ? Run tests

    ? Track defects

    Each view includes all the tools we need to complete each phase of the testing process

  10. What is test plan tree?

    A test plan tree enables you to organize and display your test hierarchically,according to your testing requirements

  11. What are all the contents of test plan tree?

    Test plan tree can include several type of tests

    ? Manual test scripts

    ? Win Runner test scripts

    ? Batch of Win Runner test scripts

    ? Visual API test scripts

    ? Load Runner scenario scripts and Vuser scripts

  12. What is test step?

    A test step includes the action to perform in our application,input to enter,and its expected output

  13. TestDirector is a Test management tool

  14. What are all the components of TestDirector5.0?

    Plan tests,Run tests,Track defects

  15. Who is having full privileges in TestDirector project?

    TD Admin

  16. What is test set?

    A test set is a subset of tests in our database designed to achieve a specified testing objective

  17. How the analyzing of test results will be accomplished in TestDirector?

    Analyzing results will be accomplished by viewing run data and by generating TestDirector reports and graphs

  18. What is Test set builder?

    The test set builder enables us to create,edit,and delete test sets. Our test sets can include both manual and automated tests. We can include the same test in different test sets.

  19. How the running of Manual test will be accomplished in TestDirector?

    When running a manual test,we perform the actions detailed in the test steps and compare them to the expected results. The mini step window allows us to conveniently perform manual tests and record results with TestDirector minimized

  20. How the running of Automated test will be accomplished in TestDirector?

    We can execute automated tests on our own computer or on multiple remote hosts. The test execution window enables us to control test execution and manage hosts. We can execute a single test, or launch an entire batch of tests.

  21. How to execute test plan in testdirector?

    Write testcases in test plan(Description and expected results)

    To execute them go to TEST LAB . Give coverage from test plan to test lab by selecting “select tests”.

    Then click on RUN of RUN TEST SET to execute the test cases.

  22. What is the use of Test Director software?

    TestDirector is Mercury Interactive’s software test management tool. It helps quality assurance personnel plan and organize the testing process. With TestDirector you can create database of manual and automated tests, build test cycles, run tests, and report and track defects.

  23. How you integrated your automated scripts from TestDirector?

    When you work with WinRunner , you can choose to save your tests directly to your TestDirector database or while creating a test case in the TestDirector we can specify whether the script in automated or manual.

    20.Who all are having the rights to detect and report the defects?

  24. Who all are having the rights to detect and report the defects?

    ? Software developers

    ? Testers

    ? End users

  25. What are the main things want to be considered while reporting the bug?

    ? Description about the bug

    ? Software version

    ? Additional informations necessary to reproduce and repair the defect

  26. Describe about mailing defect data

    Connecting TestDirector to your e-mail system lets you routinely inform development and quality assurance personnel about defect repair activity.

  27. What is report designer?

    Its a powerful and flexible tool that allows you to design your own unique reports

  28. What is the use of graphs in TestDirector?

    TestDirector graphs help us visualize the progress of test planning,test execution,and defect tracking for our application,so that we can detect bottlenecks in the testing process.

  29. What is difference between master test plan and test plan?
    Master plan is a document showing the planning for whole of the project i.e. all the phases of the project whereas the test plan is the document required for only testing people.
  30. How to generate the graphs in Test Director?
    The generation of graphs in the Test Director that to Test Lab module is:
    1. Analysis
    2. graph.
    3. Graph Wizard.
    4. select the graph type as summary and click the next button.
    5. Select the show current tests and click the next button.
    6. Select the define a new filter and click the filter button.
    7. Select the tests set and click on the ok button
    8. select the plan: subject and click on the Ok button.
    9. select the plan:status.
    10. select the test set as X axis.
    11. Click the finish button.
  31. How can we export multiple test cases from TD in a single go?
    If we want to export it to any office tools
    1. Select the multiple steps/cases you need.
    2. Right click > save as and proceed.
  32. How to upload test cases from excel into test director?
    First we have to activate excel in test director with the help of adding page. After activation we can view the option as ‘export to test director’ in excel under tools tab.
    If you select the export to test director pop up dialog box opens the following process should be followed i.e.,
    1. URL of Test Director
    2. Domain name and project name
    3. user name and password
    4. Select anyone of these 3 options: Requirements or test cases or defects
    5. Select a map option. a)select a map b)select a new map name c)create a temporary map.
    6. Map the test director to corresponding excel. Map the field whatever you mention in excel.These are the required steps to export the excel into TD.
  33. Does anyone know of any integration between Test director and Rational Robot?
    Any idea on the technical feasibility of such integration and level of effort would also be interesting?
    Test Director is software management tool. It is a Mercury Interactive Product.
    Rational Robot is a Rational product. It comes included with ‘test manager’ module for software management.
    Integrating the test director and Rational Robot is not feasible.
  34. Explain the project tree in test director?
    Project Tree in test director : Planning tests –Create test– execute tests–tracking defects.
  35.  What is coverage status, what does it do?
    Coverage status is percentage of testing covered at a given time. If you have 100 test cases in a project and you have finished 40 of test cases out of total test cases then your coverage status of project is 40%. Coverage Status is used to keep track of project accomplishment to meet the final deadline of the deliverables.
  36.  Difference between data validation and data integrity.
    Data Validation: We check whether the input data/output data is valid in terms of its length, data type etc..
    Data Integrity: We check out database contains only accurate data. We implement data integrity with the help of integrity constraints. So in data integrity we check whether the integrity constraints or implemented correctly or not
  37.  What are the uses of filters in test director?
    Limits the data displayed according to the criteria you specified.
    For Ex: You could create a filter that displays only those tests associated with the specified tester and subject.
    Each filter contains multiple filter conditions. These are expressions that are applied to a test plan tree or to the field in a grid. When the filter is applied, only those records that meet the filter conditions are displayed.
    You create and edit filters with the filter dialog box.This opens when you select the filter command. Once you have created a filter, we can save it for future use.
  38. How do we generate test cases through test director?
    Test lab we do the design step. Design grid we create parent child tree.
    Ex: Database operation (test name)
    1. Delete an order
    Description: Click delete button to delete the order.
    Expected results: Order is deleted.
    Update an order
    create an order.
  39. What are the datatypes a available in PL/SQL ?
  41. How will you generate the defect ID in test director? Is it generated automatically or not?
  42. Difference between TD 8.0 (Test director) and QC 8.0 (Quality Center).
  43. How do you ensure that there are no duplication of bugs in Test Director?
  44. Difference between WinRunner and Test Director?
  45. How will you integrated your automated scripts from TestDirector?
  46. What is the use of Test Director software?
  47. What is the Extra tab in QC ? (TCS)
  48. What is Test Builder?(TCS)
  49. I am using Quality Center 9.2. While raising a defect i can see that there is only option to send a mail to assigned and it is also sent to me. Is there any way i can send the mail to multiple users ? I know i can save the defect and than later sent it to multiple users, but is there any way where i can send it at the time of raising the defect itself. Any configuration that can be done by an adminstrator?
  50. what is connection between test plan tab and test lab tab? how can u access your test cases in test lab tab?
  51. How do you create Test script from Quality centre Using QTP
  52. What is the difference between Quality centre and Test Director
  53. what is the last version in TD to support for qtp?
  54. What r the madatory fields in TD?
  55. TD is web based or client/server?
  56. What is the latest version in TD?
  57. What r the views in testdirector?
  58. How to map testcases with requirements in test lab?
  59. how can we see all fields in test director
  60. How do you prepare Bug Reports ? What all do you include in Bug Report ?
  61. How can we connect defectreport from testlab&testplan tabs?
  62. Hi, I would like to upload from excel sheet test case to Quality center test plan section .Please tell me how to upload data(written test case in excel) to Quality center.
  63. what is RTM in test director?
  64. what iz d difference between TD an QC??
  65. Can any one tell how to install the TD in our system?
  66. how many ways are there to copy test cases in test director
  67. how to import excel/word data into the test plan module of quality center 9.0
  68. what would be purpose of Dashboard on Quality center? please provide me the advantage of dashboard? thanks in advance….
  69. what was the advantage of Quality center? functions performed using Quality center? thanks in advance
  70. can test cases we wroitten directly on td. wat else we can do in td
  71. What do you mean by Requirment Coverage?
  72. how will you do execution workflow, creat and modify test sets
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    my question is
    how to generate report having info that for a one moth hoe many test cases executed,passed failed.

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    I have a question regarding the Quality Center, Is there a possibility to upload test case names from excel onto the Test Lab in QC.
    If so could you please let me know how to do it.


  8. prasanna
    January 29, 2009 at 12:59 pm

    HI Thiyagarajan,
    its very useful for one who is preparing for the certification. Thanks a lot for your effort.

  9. March 12, 2009 at 5:04 am


    This is Steve with Capecod Investments in Boston, MA USA.

    We are looking for good quality testers with experience in the Financial Industry and its applications.

    Due to the current recession we are hiring contractors who are people from India mostly along with along countries.

    Let us know if you have the relevant experience.

    Send me your details.

  10. Poorna Gopaladesikan
    April 23, 2009 at 10:51 pm

    Hi Thiyagarajan,

    I am Poorna .G , working as a QA tester in Phoenix AZ USA . My company recently bought the Quality center 9.2 . So I am working on presentation document for my team .
    I am concentrating on Advantages in QC 9.2 ,Printing from QC & Document Generator options. After read all your questions , I was so glad that I found a knowledgeable person in QC .
    Please let me a know that you have any related documants listed below:
    1) I prefer If you have any documentation for Advantages in Quality center 9.2
    2) How to utilize all the Reports & Graph option in Quality center
    3) How to use the Document generaor option as per Business , Customer, PM, Peers aspects .
    If you can help me for this, will be really great.

    Thank you

  11. Krishna Peddu
    May 6, 2009 at 12:35 am

    Hai Shailaja,

    I came across your Test Director Blog.

    I am working on Test Director 8.2 and have few queries regrading the Reports. .

    We are using the test Plan and have created some user defined fields .

    When we are trying to use the graphs for the Test Plan all the fields present in the test plan are not populating for selection in the Graphs section.

    Is there any way that we can populate all the fields in Graphs Section

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