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March 14, 2008

Some days ago I have written a post on Pay per bug approach to charge clients on the basis of number of bugs. There are some distinct obstacles in this approach like how to validate bugs? How much to be paid for bugs? Will core functionality and business logic bugs get caught in this model? There was a good discussion on this topic in comment section as many readers suggested some key approach to handle these obstacles.

In spite of these obstacles, uTest is now offering some decent cash to testers to find flaws in customer applications. They are going to pay to testers for every approved bug.


How will it work?
uTest is going to tie up with some companies which don’t have dedicated QA teams and want to outsource their testing work. Such companies can use uTest services and testers community to get their application tested. In return companies will pay some amount to uTest based on the severity and priority of the bug. At the end this amount will be awarded to testers who find these bugs.

Anyone can sign up with uTest to test software’s and make cash for finding bugs. Testers can earn from few hundred to few thousand dollars per month based on experience and performance. The bug pricing will be decided by bug type, type of application and severity of the bug.

What are the benefits?
Good cash benefits for your skills,
Work from anywhere,
Flexible working time (work whenever you want),
And last important benefit: Be your own boss ;-)

As per now I think this is win-win condition for customers who don’t have separate QA departments and testers who want to earn some descent cash from their skill and experience.

Have your opinion on this in comment section below.

Update: This is a pilot program from uTest and only selected testers will get response when this pay per bug system goes live. This is a beta program and right now I can’t predict any success of this program. So wait and watch till next update from them.

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