WEB Testing

Software testing – Questions and Answers – WEB Testing

  1. Describe some of the possible web page futures .
  2. Question: What are possible configurations that could affect the testing strategy of any web site?
    Answer: Hardware platform (PC, Mac), Browser software and version, Browser Plug-Ins, Browser settings options, Video resolution and Colour Depth, text size,
  3. What is website usability testing ?
  4. Why spell checker is not enough during testing spelling on web page?
  5. Question: Name a few website mistakes that could cause configuration and compatibility bugs.
    Answer: Non standard colours, frames, tables etc.
  6. Question: What the latest web technologies do you know?
    Answer: RSS,
  7. Question: Name some Alternative Browsers.
    Answer: Opera, Mozilla
  8. Describe some Caching Issues.
  9. What HTML standard do you know?
  10. What web specific types of testing do you know?
  11. What is static and what is dynamic web page?
  12. Question: Can the Netscape scripting host without plug-ins run Microsofts JScript on the client side?
    Answer: No
  13. Question: What is Glyphs?
    Answer: Glyph is the picture of the character.
  14. What techniques will cause double-byte problems to show up?
  15. What is Alt Key Input?
  16. How will you decide when and what to test during performance testing?
  17. Question: What types of web testing security problems do you know?
    Answer:(Denial of Service (DoS) attack, buffer overflow)
  18. Question: What types HTTP Response Codes do you know?
    Answer: ( 2xx – success, 3xx – Redirection, 4xx – Client Error, 5xx – Server Error )
  19. What errors can occur when the page loads?
  20. What are the metrics what can be used during performance testing?
  21. What HTML file extension can be used?
  22. What is CSS stands for?
  23. What are the differences between testing WEB application and testing client-sever application?
  24. Write test cases for Search Engine?
  25. Difference between HTTP and HTTPS? Explain how the data is secured in HTTPS?
  26. What does DNS contains?
  27. What is the difference between authentication and authorization?
  28. What type of security testing you performed?
  29. Difference between GUI and Usability Testing
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    everything is good but i didnt view the more questions so plz do needful.

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    Please provide answers too.

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